Understanding pensions in divorce

18th Apr, 2017

Ask people what their most valuable asset is and the vast majority will say it is their house, even though a significant part of that apparent value may be offset by a mortgage. For many people, especially those aged 40 upwards, their pension may well be more valuable than their share of their home, but pensions are often well down the list of considerations when a couple divorce. (more…)

Determining the Gender Pay Gap: New Rules for Businesses

5th Apr, 2017

The UK has a female Prime Minister, the US very nearly had its first female president and the Metropolitan Police has employed its first ever female commissioner. There is no doubting that limitations on women in the workplace are definitely lessening. (more…)

Should you ever act as a trustee in a will or deed and, if so, what are the potential risks and consequences?

22nd Mar, 2017

A friend or client informs you that they trust you implicitly and wish to put a family financial arrangement in place immediately or to come into effect on their death. He or she asks you to become a trustee in the trust documents or in their will in addition to acting as an executor. Being very willing to assist and without really considering the potential consequences you agree. The financial settlement documents are completed or the client dies and you then take office thereby accepting the very considerable responsibilities that follow. (more…)

Companywide Policies and Discrimination: The Headscarf Debate

21st Mar, 2017

You may have noted many articles in the media last week following the European Court of Justice’s judgement regarding the banning of headscarves in the workplace. (more…)

How safe is your estate from a claim following the latest Supreme Court judgement?

16th Mar, 2017

Yesterday the Supreme Court delivered its judgement in the case generally known to lawyers as “ILLOTT v MITSON”.  Two of the central issues the Supreme Court considered related to the freedom to leave your property or money to those you wish to inherit on your death and whether the reason(s) for seeking to exclude or restrict an inheritance, e.g. to a family member, were a significant factor for the court to take into account.   (more…)


Lord Mayor’s Day

GA Solicitors will have a stand in Plymouth’s city centre, where the celebration for Lord Mayor’s Day will be taking place. Come by to say hi and ask us any questions you might have. We’ll be happy to help.


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Devon Business Show

We’ll be at Plymouth Pavillions on the 14th of June with a stand to tell you all bout the services that we offer and how we could help your personal situation or business. Come by for a chat. (more…)

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