What happens if an inheritance is received during the deceased’s lifetime? The rule against double portions

6th Jul, 2017

This topic has nothing to do with the writer’s eating habits and all to do with a situation which can occur when members of a family complain that someone has received an inheritance twice over: first when the deceased was still alive, and then again following their death and the distribution of their estate. (more…)

Elderly financial abuse and fraudulent wills

3rd Jul, 2017

There are a lot of wonderful people in the community who work hard to help the elderly and ensure they are well taken care of. Sadly however, there are also individuals who will look to take advantage of those more vulnerable to gain financial benefit.  (more…)

Social media in the workplace

19th Jun, 2017

Rhiain Lewis, partner and head of employment at GA Solicitors, provides advice on how to protect your business where social media is concerned. (more…)

New Case law: Equality remains a significant guideline in vast majority of marriages

16th Jun, 2017

The Court of Appeal’s recent decision in the case of Mr and Mrs Sharp has drawn sensational headlines suggesting it represents a major change in divorce law and a significant erosion of the principle of equal division of assets as the court’s starting point. (more…)

What do you do when a former employee goes to work for a competitor and then poaches your customers?

13th Jun, 2017

In May 2017 the case of Egonzehnder v Tillman raised some interesting points on a grand scale that apply to many businesses. (more…)


Mad Hatters Family Fun Day

GA Solicitors sponsors this event organised by the Plymouth Junior Lawyers Division in aid of Veterans With Dogs. (more…)

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