How do you know if a will exists? And is it the right one?

11th Sep, 2017

A frequent problem following the death of a loved one is determining whether they have made a will and, if so, where is it stored? There may also be some doubt as to whether a will is the most up-to-date version. This is particularly common amongst some elderly citizens who traditionally have always kept their affairs private, even from their close family. (more…)

Love and other expensive things: did you hear the one about the solicitor sued for looking after his client?

1st Sep, 2017

In the press recently you may have read about a case that proves the point of many a cynic pertaining to matters of the heart. However, it is less affirming for those who attempt to idly target the legal profession. (more…)

Wills and the virtue of being a Luddite

29th Aug, 2017

A recent suggestion that wills be made by text message has thrown into focus the virtues of the 180-year-old legislation which sets out the dos and don’ts of will writing: section 9 of the Wills Act 1837. (more…)

New form for divorce applications

23rd Aug, 2017

The Ministry of Justice has changed the form used for applying for divorce to make it easier to complete. One in three divorce applications are now made without involving a solicitor, and the new form is intended to make the process more user-friendly for non-lawyers. (more…)

Lasting Powers of Attorney – still a good idea?

18th Aug, 2017

Denzil Lush, the recently retired senior judge at the Court of Protection told BBC listeners earlier this week that he would never grant anyone a lasting power of attorney (LPA) over his financial affairs, because of the serious risk of abuse. (more…)


Commercial property – An investor’s guide

This event will help you to both acquire and manage a Commercial Investment Property.  (more…)

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Fall ball in aid of the Plymouth Parent Advocacy Project

GA Solicitors is proud to sponsor the Fall Ball, in aid of the Plymouth Parent Advocacy Project. (more…)

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