Good News for Landlords with Universal Credit

19th Jan, 2018

After a series of negative measures for landlords from the government over the past few years, landlords finally have a reason to celebrate! (more…)

I’m in a Celebrity Divorce: Get me out of here…

16th Jan, 2018

The news that Ant McPartlin (of ‘Ant and Dec’ fame) is divorcing is plastered across the popular press, with a number of pictures of the poor guy looking very miserable indeed. (more…)

The legal formalities of signing a will

11th Jan, 2018

A common theme running through our articles is the need to follow the formalities set out by law for the due creation and execution of a will. A good example of this is that someone who is to benefit from a will, is unable to then act as a witness. (more…)

Deathbed gifts: A focus on timing

8th Jan, 2018

We have written a number of articles about deathbed gifts in recent months as it is an interesting topic and not as uncommon as you may think. This is a type of legal gift which can be made without adhering to the strict formalities required for gifts, such as those left in wills. (more…)

Partnership at will: A double whammy for Nut and Bolt

5th Jan, 2018

This is the fifth of a series of short articles covering various aspects of disputes between partners.  Read articles onetwothree and four. (more…)


Buy to let seminar

There have been a lot of changes in the Buy to Let tax and regulatory environment. If you are interested in investing in property in 2018 but want to know more, Barclays have arranged a panel of experts to help you. (more…)

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Property CPD Club

The property CPD Club will meet on Thursday, 8th of March at GA Solicitor’s office. More details TBC.

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