The number of forged wills continues to rise

14th Nov, 2017

In the last 15 years, will forgery cases have continued to see an increase in numbers. A man has recently admitted forging a will of a relative in an attempt to obtain £300,000 in cash and two properties. The crime was committed because he was miffed about a large portion of the estate being left to a charity. Read more

PSC Register: A Reminder!

10th Nov, 2017

Although it has been a legal requirement for some time, many companies are still not meeting their PSC Register duties – below is a short reminder of the core legal obligations. Read more

New report shows divorcing wives losing £5 billion!

7th Nov, 2017

A recent report from pension specialist Scottish Widows, appears to highlight the risk of not taking professional legal advice on divorce, particularly in respect of pensions. Read more

Specialist accreditations for legal duo

1st Nov, 2017

Two solicitors from multisector law firm, GA Solicitors, have secured a hat-trick of specialist legal accreditations in their niche area of the law; wills, inheritance and trust disputes. Read more

Court upholds homemade, poorly written, will

25th Oct, 2017

This month saw the court take a very pragmatic approach in relation to the interpretation of a homemade will. Mr Aleksic died at the age of 91 and he left a homemade will which he had entirely handwritten. Originally from Montenegro, Mr Aleksic had lived in England for decades but had a poor grasp of written English. Within his will the grammar was faulty, words were misspelt and punctuations misplaced. However bad English does not invalidate a will provided the meaning can be understood. Read more


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