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Court upholds homemade, poorly written, will

25th Oct, 2017

This month saw the court take a very pragmatic approach in relation to the interpretation of a homemade will. Mr Aleksic died at the age of 91 and he left a homemade will which he had entirely handwritten. Originally from Montenegro, Mr Aleksic had lived in England for decades but had a poor grasp of written English. Within his will the grammar was faulty, words were misspelt and punctuations misplaced. However bad English does not invalidate a will provided the meaning can be understood. Read more

Divorce numbers are reducing! But is this good news?

23rd Oct, 2017

The government’s recently released quarterly family court statistics show a continuing downward trend in the number of divorces. Couples divorcing between April and June 2017 are 10% less than on the same time last year. If this continues, the number of divorces will drop under 100,000 per year for the first time since the early 1970s. Read more

Farmer’s Son did not inherit any part of his father’s £3 million estate

13th Oct, 2017

A case in the High Court this week has attracted national media attention. However, it is a situation which is not uncommon, particularly in rural and farming communities. Read more

Solicitors Tackle Breakfast Sponsorship

12th Oct, 2017

Plymouth law firm, GA Solicitors, has joined forces with Old Plymothian and Mannamedian (OPM) Rugby Football Club to support its junior teams for the 2017/18 season. Read more

Employment solicitor named Plymouth Law Society’s Young Lawyer of the Year 2017

9th Oct, 2017

Employment solicitor and associate of GA Solicitors, Robert Zacal, has been named as Plymouth Law Society’s Young Lawyer of the Year 2017. Read more

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