Case Studies

£100,000 Awarded by Plymouth City Council Following Accident in School

10th Apr, 2018

A 47 year old teaching assistant sustained a back injury while at work in a Plymouth primary school. She was putting the children’s toys away in a hut, it was windy and a child slammed the door into the victim’s back causing significant pain.

This injury escalated into chronic pain and further psychological problems. She was unable to return to work following the incident and lost her career as a result.

Liability was disputed, however at Plymouth County Court it was deemed that Plymouth City Council was negligent as it did not carry out a risk assessment which would have highlighted this potential issue. Had this been undertaken and a latch and hook fitted then the incident would not have occurred.

Following a split trial and mediation guided by GA’s experienced personal injury team, the client was awarded £100,000 in compensation.

Traffic Warden Awarded £200,000 in Accident at Work

10th Apr, 2018

The victim was a traffic warden who slipped and fell in a wet, undercover car park.

There were initially causation issues before liability was admitted and proceedings issued. The accident at work claim however remained complex due to the victim’s mental state. The claimant had a minor back injury which led to catastrophic symptoms caused by chronic pain and somatoform disorder.

Complex psychiatric evidence was required, particularly regarding prior vulnerability. Housing adaptations were required and significant levels of care needed following the accident.

The case was contested for several years before compensation of £200,000 compensation was agreed.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claim

10th Apr, 2018

The victim was in a road traffic accident on the A30 dual carriageway. The claimant collided with another vehicle head on which was travelling in the opposite direction.

The victim suffered a significant shoulder injury and chronic pain.  The injury had a significant impact on the victim’s working life as she owned a guest house and therefore was unable to undertake the various physical duties.

Proceedings were issued and after a lot of negotiations, a settlement agreement of £55,000 was awarded.

£450,000 Ministry of Defence Injury Claim

10th Apr, 2018

A Royal Marine suffered life-changing injuries whilst in Afghanistan as he was not supplied with the appropriate protective equipment by the Ministry of Defence.

The Royal Marine was involved in an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) incident where he suffered severe groin injuries. Had he been provided with the available ballistic protection it is felt the injuries would have been much less severe.

Due to the extensive injuries, the victim was left unable to have children and was medically discharged from the armed forces.

In addition to this claim, there was a secondary claim related to hearing loss and tinnitus following excessive noise exposure.

The instruction of a ballistics expert was required, along with multiple medical reports to prove liability and demonstrate the extent of the injuries.

This was complex case and after much negotiation and with the support of counsel, £450,000 was awarded to the victim.

Cyclist Awarded £36,850 by Plymouth City Council Following Pothole Crash

10th Apr, 2018

The victim was cycling along a Plymouth road when she hit a pothole which forced her off her bike. Her head hit a second pothole which, due to the force of her fall, flipped her over and cracked her neck. She sustained multiple injuries caused by the bike accident.

The client originally instructed a national firm specialising in cycling accidents, however it felt the case had little chance of success and thus refused to take it forward. GA Solicitors undertook thorough and extensive research and had the expertise to develop a strong case.

Plymouth City Council denied breach of statutory duty and, after GA Solicitors took on the case, it was taken to Truro County Court.

The judge found that the Council had breached its statutory duties and that it failed to have an adequate system of inspection. £30,000 of compensation was awarded to the victim.