The government introduced employment tribunal fees on 29th July 2013. However, on 26th July 2017 the Supreme Court ruled that the government had acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally when it introduced fees to the employment tribunal. Due to this, the government now has to repay up to £32 million to claimants.

You can view our previous article relating to the abolition of employment tribunal fees here.

If you made a claim in an employment tribunal in between 29th July 2013 and the 26th July 2017 you may be entitled to a refund of any employment tribunal fees that you paid.

This is a relatively simple process and, provided you have not changed your name since you made the claim, your claim was against one employer and you have a UK bank account, you can apply for a refund online. You can do this by clicking here.

You can also use one of the following forms to apply by post or email:

1) Form 1-C

If you paid the fees personally and made the claim then you can use Form 1-C.

This includes the situation where you have reimbursed a representative or a sponsor who paid the fee on your behalf originally.

2) Form 3-S

If you paid fees for someone else to make a claim you need to use Form 3-S. This is the form for individuals or organisations who were representatives or sponsors of a party to an employment tribunal claim, and for people who were the lead claimant in a multiple claim. A representative or a sponsor can only use Form 3-S to claim a refund if they have not been reimbursed for the fee.

3) Form 2-R

If the employment tribunal ordered you to pay the fees of someone who brought a claim against you, use Form 2-R to claim your refund.

To fill out the above forms you will need to include your personal details, your representative’s details, the respondent’s details, the employment tribunal case number and information about what fees you paid. You will also have to include your bank details to enable any repayment to go straight into your bank account.

If you are entitled to a refund it will be transferred to your bank account with an additional 0.5% interest.

If you need advice to bring about a tribunal claim, or to defend against one that has been brought against you or your business, then contact GA’s employment team by calling 01752 203500 or emailing

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