Down on the Farm Part 2: the promise that never was

21st Feb, 2018

Previously on Down on the Farm…

Generation pitted against generation. Sibling rivalry. Substantial assets. Read more

Making Claims Under Warranty

16th Feb, 2018

The case of Teoco UK Ltd –v- Aircom Jersey 4 Ltd and another, reported in January this year demonstrates the need to take great care when making a claim under a warranty. Legal advice should certainly be taken. Lawyers are sometimes accused of being too pedantic, but the fact is that vague wording can lead to sticky ends. Read more

Do I need a Grant of Probate to access and administer a deceased’s bank account?

14th Feb, 2018

Typically, when someone dies, banks and building societies freeze their accounts and someone else will need to take charge. In many cases, this will mean that the person authorised to do so needs to apply for a Grant of Probate. Read more

Alternatives to dissolving a partnership

9th Feb, 2018

This is the seventh in a series of short articles covering various aspects of disputes between partners. The last article can be found here. Read more

Down on the Farm. Part One: the out of time inheritance claim

8th Feb, 2018

It could be argued that farming disputes have progressed the law of contentious trusts and probate in a similar way that shipping disputes have shaped contract law. The elements are usually all present in the case law. The protagonists work hard and feel strong ties to the land. There are familial disputes which pit generation against generation, which often take the form of business or partnership disputes between parents and their children. Sibling rivalry is also often a factor. Read more


Buy to let seminar

There have been a lot of changes in the Buy to Let tax and regulatory environment. If you are interested in investing in property in 2018 but want to know more, Barclays have arranged a panel of experts to help you. (more…)

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Property CPD Club

The property CPD Club will meet on Thursday, 1st of March at GA Solicitor’s office. (more…)

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